Law Enforcement Center & Courthouse Updates Project

The Floyd County Jail does not meet the current needs for the staff, public, or inmates. 

Delbert Longley, Chief Jail Inspector, Iowa Department of Corrections 

That October 2013 quote started the ball rolling on a series of discussions, studies, assessments, and designs leading up to a Citizens Advisory Committee's recommendation to the Floyd County Board of Supervisors for a new law enforcement center and courthouse updates project.

The Citizens Advisory Committee, made up of residents of the county and employee representatives from cities in the county, state offices serving the county, and Floyd County offices, participated in meetings facilitated by representatives from Prochaska & Associates, the firm procured to complete Phase 1 & 2 assessments.  Following a diligent study of reports, participating in numerous meetings, touring the jail, and reviewing several design options, the Committee selected Option 1B.  This option is a single story Law Enforcement Center (LEC) including Sheriff's office, a 32-bed jail facility, communications (dispatch) center, and a secure elevator separating inmates from the public for access to the 3rd and 4th floor courtrooms.  A common atrium serves as a lobby connecting the new LEC with the existing courthouse and includes an ADA compliant elevator and public restrooms.  A multi-purpose room serving as an Emergency Operating Center (EOC), training room and meeting room is available from the lobby for public access.  Improvements are also planned for the 1941 courthouse, including a replacement of windows to the original look of the courthouse, a new heating/cooling system and a reconfiguration of space needs for certain offices.


Some of several considerations studied:              (Refer to Floyd County Part 2 Facility Development study above for details and costs of each option.)

April 21, 2018 Presenters, NIACC - Charles City Click on any photo to view presentation.

Following their own due diligence of options and plan designs, on February 19, 2018, the Floyd County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution setting May 1, 2018 as a date for a special election entering into a loan agreement and issuing bonds for the purpose of acquiring real estate and constructing, finishing, and equipping a County Law Enforcement Center and of undertaking renovations to the County Courthouse. 

Public Measure A "Shall the County of Floyd, State of Iowa, enter into a loan agreement and issue its general obligation bonds in an amount not exceeding the amount of $13,500,000, for the purpose of acquiring real estate and constructing, furnishing and equipping a County Law Enforcement Center and of undertaking renovations to the County Courthouse?" passed with 68.72% of the votes.  

The Board's next steps were to identify a Core Team (Supv Linda Tjaden, Sheriff Jeff Crooks, and Auditor Gloria Carr) to work with Prochaska reps on more defined details and hire a construction manager, The Samuels Group, to make it all happen.

If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to contact a Core Team member or any of the Board of Supervisors about our project.  Watch this page for more details as the project progresses.

     Official Election Results - Passed 68.72%

Official Results

Progress Report

October 29, 2019

WIN and UPN fiber has been relocated.  

Young Plumbing is working on relocating gas lines for MidAmerican Energy.  Gas should be relocated within the next two weeks.

MidAmerican Energy - Electric poles are in the process of being relocated.

Estimates to relocate some or all of the county offices to 500 N Grand at some point during the project are being considered.  This would allow for more efficient work for contractors to work in the courthouse offices.  Every office in the courthouse is affected with the project for window replacement, fire suppression system, and duct work for cooling.  

The Construction Manager is working with contractors for value engineering opportunities to help reduce the higher than expected cost of the project.