How will a new facility be different?

The proposed jail pod design would replace the outdated linear layout.  The pod design contains sections of cells arranged around a central control station, from which a jailer can monitor all housing units.  A linear designed jail contains cell blocks with bars along a hall.  

The American Correctional Association is very specific that "continuous observation of inmate living areas is a fundamental requirement for maintaining safe, secure custody and control" and that's exactly what the pod design does.  The new law enforcement center will allow adequate classifications of inmates which is required by State of Iowa Jail Standards.  Inmates need to be seperated: felons from misdemeanors, males from females (by sight and sound), juveniles from adults, sentenced inmates versus those accused of crime and awaiting trial and further segregation due to behavior and mental health needs.  A new law enforcement center will increase the safety of all inmates, public and staff.

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1. Why is a new Jail needed?
2. Are the plans for just a jail?
3. What is the total project cost?
4. What is the cost to taxpayers?
5. Have officials done their homework?
6. Who is responsible for the jail?
7. Why is the project being planned now?
8. When will the project begin?
9. What will happen if we do nothing?
10. What is the cost of delaying the project?
11. Can the current Jail and Sheriff's Office be remodeled?
12. Can we tour the Jail and Sheriff's Office?
13. Where will the new facility be built?
14. How was the size of the facility determined?
15. Why not wait to build and would it save money?
16. Who is held in the jail?
17. Who oversees the Sheriff and Jail Administrator of the jail?
18. How will a new facility be different?
19. What safety/security issues does the current jail have?
20. What current issues does the Sheriff's Office have?
21. What is PREA and what impact is there on the Floyd County Jail?
22. Will this facility house the Charles City Police Department?
23. If the Jail and Sheriff's Office had been better maintained, would a new law enforcement center still be needed?
24. Why connect to the courthouse?
25. How does the law enforcement center compare in size to the current facility?
26. Why is the Communications Center being relocated?
27. Is this situation unique to Floyd County?
28. Where can I find more information on this project?