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Petition to Rezone

  1. Petition to Rezone Application
    Please fill out and print this application and mail with the required documentation and fees listed below to:
    Planning and Zoning Commission
    Floyd County Courthouse
    101 S. Main St.
    Charles City, IA 50616
  2. Petition to Rezone
    We (I) , the undersigned owner (s) of the property described below in Paragraph 1, do hereby respectfully petition the Floyd County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to amend the present zoning regulations as hereinafter designated, and in support thereof, present the following facts.
  3. The area to be rezoned is legally described as the above.
  4. 4. The undersigned are the owner(s) of the property within the area which is under consideration for rezoning.
  5. 5. The undersigned have been fully appraised and acquainted with the sues to which the area to be rezoned may be put if the rezoning is approved.
  6. 6. I attach as part of this petition:
    • A plat of the area to be rezoned
    • A nonrefundable fee of $150 dollars
  7. 7. The applicant hereby agrees to pay the costs of this process, and will bear the costs of publication of legal notices in a newspaper of general circulation (to be direct billed to the applicant or agent) of this action.
  8. Notice
    This petition shall come for public hearing before the Zoning Commission, and shall be followed by a public hearing before the Board of Supervisors for approval.
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